Core Values, Goals & Objectives

To accomplish our mission, Internal Audit has established the following core values and goals and strategies:

Core Values

  • People – Hire and continuously train the best people
  • Technology – Employ state of the art technological tools and techniques
  • Customer Service – Deliver unquestionable customer/stakeholder value and satisfaction
  • Value Added – Initiate activities which result in demonstrable and quantifiable cost savings and/or evident improvements in effectiveness and efficiency
  • Control Environment – Create and promote a university-wide control infrastructure and consciousness which ensures integrity and ethics in the university’s operating environment.

Goals and Strategies

  • Develop and maintain a state of the art audit framework which assures audit effectiveness
  • Support major University systems development and process improvement initiatives
  • Develop an Annual Audit Plan
  • Develop a schedule to meet the Operating Audit Plan
  • Perform scheduled audits
  • Report audit results to senior management and the Audit Subcommittee of the Board of Governors
  • Perform follow-up reviews of audit recommendations