Core Values, Goals & Objectives

To accomplish our mission, Internal Audit has established the following core values and goals and strategies:

Core Values

  • Integrity and Ethics - We are independent, honest, objective, competent, transparent and ethical. We adhere to The Institute of Internal Auditors Professional Standards and the University's policies and procedures. We do what's right. 
  • People - Hire and continuously train the best people who use professional due care and promote being ethical. We work together as a team who respects each other and those we serve. We promote diversity, inclusion, and safety. We hold professional certifications and volunteer with and make contributions to professional organizations, the Higher Education and audit profession, and community. 
  • Technology - We use technological tools and techniques to be innovative; to assist in adding value to the University; and to be efficient and effective.
  • Customer Service - We provide quality, fair, and transparent services to those we serve. We collaborate with and train University management and staff on governance, risks, and controls. We listen to our customers and are considerate to their feedback and thoughts. We add value and deliver excellent customer service.
  • Value Added - We initiate activities which result in demonstrable and quantifiable cost savings and/or evident improvements in effectiveness and efficiency
  • Controls - We use our skills, technology, and creativity to provide assurance and recommendations resulting in positive change, cost savings, and improvements to the University's internal control environment and operational effectiveness and efficiency. We educate the University community on internal controls, risks, fraud and ethics. We promote an ethical mindset. 

Goals and Strategies

  • Develop an annual risk-based audit plan to perform value-added engagements
  • Provide insight and promote strong ethics and positive change
  • Be knowledgeable of WSU, Higher Education risks, and the internal audit profession
  • Partner with WSU schools/colleges/departments to improve operations and strengthen the internal control environment
  • Support major University systems development and process improvement initiatives