Contacting Internal Audit


When should I contact the Office of Internal Audit?

  • To schedule an audit of your entire operation (e.g., the Purchasing Department)
  • To schedule an audit of a specific function or process within your operation (e.g., processing requisitions)
  • To review a specific concern or activity (e.g., controls over the vendor database)
  • If your area of concern has not already been included in our Annual Audit Plan, please complete the Request for Management Input Form and send it to either the Assistant Vice President or Associate Director of Internal Audit.
  • To participate on a special project (e.g., implementation of a new system, service, or product)
  • To serve as the liaison for an external audit (e.g., regulatory audits, agency audits/reviews – see the Registration of External Auditors Form)
  • To assist with trouble-shooting Banner FMS queries
  • To consult on various operational matters

How should I contact the Office of Internal Audit?

How should I report suspicious activity?

Concerned about suspicious activity? Do you think a fraud has been committed? What should you do?

Contact Internal Audit IMMEDIATELY

All faculty, staff, students, and other stakeholders have an obligation to protect the University and its assets. If you believe suspicious activity or a possible fraud is being committed, you may contact the Office of Internal Audit in one of the following ways:

  • Contact either the Assistant Vice President or the Associate Director if you have concerns of possible fraudulent activity. See the Staff Directory
  • If you would like to keep your identity anonymous, you may complete the Tips Form.
  • See section 10.3.2 of the APPM, “Special Investigations”, at
  • If University property has been stolen or vandalized, please contact Public Safety first at 7-2222.